Munchies BBQ Road Trip – Brought to you by Jack Daniels

Pack up your fire blanket and get ready for the virtual road trip of your lives as MUNCHIES food correspondent Tom Wright takes you on a quest to find some of the finest, most quintessential BBQ in his hometown of London. New series BBQ Road Trip, brought to you by Jack Daniels takes you from the UK to the United Steaks of America on a culinary journey in search of the most magical smoke-licked meat.


Tom Wright is a dude’s dude. A 32 year old, part-time hair metal rockstar, part-time folk band bass player, part-time skateboarder, part-time tiler, and a lover of good food with music in his blood and an effortless penchant for giggles. He’s basically your classic British cheeky chap who just so happens to tour the world in band Jett Black (last week they played alongside The Darkness at Jack Daniels sponsored festival Board Masters in Newquay).


In Episode 1 (above), you’ll meet some flame-kissed meatin’ stars like Matt Harris – an ex-Nascar driver turned meat-mad-scientist who uses a unique nitrogen process to solidly freeze slabs of meat before whacking them on the grill. The end result is a perfectly moist inside and crisp outer casing.


Mark Gevaux, AKA The Rib Man is another cooking star you’ll want to ketchup with. An ex-butcher turned roadside barbecue master and local legend. He lost his leg years ago and was forced to leave the physically demanding world of butchery but still takes his knowledge to the streets of London

Finally, get the shot glasses out for MEATliquor, the brainchild of Yianni Papoutsis and Scott Collins, who opened their first burger joint in New Cross in 2011. The pair made it their mission to provide London with the finest, no-nonsense patties – cooked to perfection and nestled harmoniously in sides that bely their simplicity.

If you haven’t already, watch the episode above (preferably while eating something so you don’t start salivating over your keyboard) and then visit the Jack Daniel’s Facebook page to get informed of when Episode 2 comes out. In it, Tom Wright travels to the home of JD Honey; good ol’ Tennessee, USA where he’ll uncover the secret to why meat and Jack Daniel’s go hand in hand.