Beck – “Wow”

New Beck album to be released October 21st through Capitol Records.

Beck, iHeartRadio stations nationwide, Beats 1 and BBC 6 Music premiered “Wow”, the second single from Beck’s upcoming album following last summer’s “Dreams”. Along with that, Beck discussed the new single and his forthcoming LP on several radio programs, including KROQ’s The Kevin & Bean Show. “Most of this song [‘Wow’] was completely off the top of my head,” Beck told KROQ.

“I didn’t write any of it. It was just us fooling around in the studio. I didn’t even mean to release it… I was working on another song and came up with the riff and then I just started freestyling… I think it’s just being open and taking in all – especially now with social media, so much imagery and ideas coming all the time. I think that tends to come out in music, especially the more hip-hop tracks. They’re a little bit unfiltered… ‘Wow’ is a little bit of an outlier [of the new album]. I did most of the record with my old keyboard player Greg Kurstin who’s now a pretty well-known producer. We’ve been working on this for about three years. So most of the record is stuff I did with him. We did the song ‘Dreams’ which came out last year. A lot of the record is in that vein I’d say. We’re thinking a lot about the live show and playing festivals and that kind of thing.”

Beck says the upcoming album is “almost finished,” and that he has “no expectations. It’s such a strange time. I couldn’t predict the reception on the last record [‘Morning Phase’] at all… There’s about twelve or thirteen songs [on the new album],” Beck says. “There’s some in contention at this point… There’s too much really to make sense of. Even this record, what’s going to be out is probably a quarter of what we did.”