The symbolic work of Kris Chau

Kris Chau works with symbols. Some of them are recognizable and universal. Some come from specific cultures, regions, religions and tribes. Some she has created herself and only she knows their specific meaning. She has created a family of characters that make regular appearances in her paintings and drawings.

chau_test_2_of_12_copy_1024x1024 chau_test_4_of_12_1024x1024 chau_test_5_of_12_1024x1024 chau_test_7_of_12_copy_grande chau_test_9_of_12_1024x1024 chau_test_10_of_12_grande chau_test_11_of_12_copy_1024x1024 chau_test_12_of_12_copy_1024x1024 wolf_mother_stairwell_grande