Must-have Tech and Online Tools for Music Promotion

The internet is the best tool that many musicians have for promoting their music. You can reach audiences all over the world using a variety of methods. Not too long ago, a lot of music promotion would have had to be done via word of mouth and print material. More popular musicians would have been able to use the radio and TV. However, anyone just starting out wouldn’t have had access to the media. Now, it’s much easier for just about anyone to promote their music. If you want to get more recognition for your art, there are some great online and tech tools that you can find useful.

Make Use of Social Media

Social media is an excellent tool for many types of musician. However, it can take a while before people start seeing any benefits from it. You need to use it in the right way if you want it to help you. Most musicians will find that the first people who follow them are their existing fans. This is good news, as it gives you a way to keep them up to date. You can show them your new music and get them to share it with their friends. You have to be careful not to use social media to bother the big names in the industry. Most of them don’t have time to listen to your new demo.

Offer Streaming and Downloads on the Right Sites

Getting your music in the right places is essential if you want people to listen to it. You need them to stream, download and share your tracks. You can both sell your music and give it away for free. Free streaming and even free downloads can give people a great incentive to purchase more of your music. Soundcloud is often the popular choice to upload music for streaming. Musicians can raise their profile on the site by buying Soundcloud plays for a boost to their reputation. Soundcloud accounts are free and give you several hours of space to upload your music.

Promote Shows Online

A lot of people organize their social life online. They can keep track of events on Facebook or use specialist event sites. If you are playing a show, you need to ensure you promote it both online and offline. Setting up an event page on Facebook is an excellent idea if you want to spread the word on social media. There are also other sites to use, such as ReverbNation or Songkick.

Find Ways to Connect Shows with Online Activity

There are also ways to connect a show with the things you are doing online. For example, you can make sure that you use your social media accounts from the venue. You could even arrange a live stream, either during the show or before and after. As well as selling CDs, you could consider selling digital download cards to attendees too.

Technology and online tools can help you promote your music to more people. Access your current fans and new ones by promoting with the right methods.