A Tiny Desktop Fire Tornado

A team of Ukrainian and American creatives worked together to create the Flameflex, a tiny desktop fire tornado. The fire tornado team is currently raising funds on Kickstarter to help with manufacturing costs.

People have always been amazed by the flame. The bright red fire colors and flame dancing enchant us. If you also see something magic in this element you’ll certainly like what we made for you! Flameflex is the first fire tornado ever that is able to live in your apartment with no harm or danger. It combines nature element with modern technologies.

The Flameflex will perfectly fit any interior: big cottage or little cosy flat, garden pergola or bar stand. You can use it when you design your home as well as any cafe, restaurant or hotel. You also can use it outdoors (if there’s no strong wind). Any company will enjoy this adorable device. It’s specially made to bring in romantic atmosphere, cosiness and warmth.

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