Apps, Acessories, and Add-Ons Every iPhone Owner Should Have

The iPhone is a favorite modern gadget for many everyday consumers. In fact, Apple has now sold over a billion iPhones. Many smartphone enthusiasts love their iPhones, but they can get a little dull.

After a while of having your iPhone, you may run out of ideas on how to use it. Having a device for calls and texts is great, but you’ll want to do so much more. Luckily, there are plenty of interesting add-ons, accessories, and apps that’ll help you get more out of your phone. Here are some that every iPhone owner should check out.

Try Out Some Unique Apps

We’ve all tried apps like SnapChat, Instagram, and Fruit Ninja. Instead of going for the favorites, why not try something new and unique?

The app library expands every day, and there are plenty of unique apps you may not have heard of before. For instance, ever wanted to yell at your iPhone to find it? Now you can, with Marco Polo. Travel enthusiasts ought to try an app like Maplets for a huge database of downloadable maps.

There are plenty of cool apps and games to try out. Look around for some of the greatest hidden gems in the app store.

Jailbreak Your iPhone

While the iPhone is great, it can feel limited sometimes. You can only download apps from the Apple app store, which can leave some software to be desired. That’s why some people jailbreak their iPhone. It involves exploiting your phone to give you complete flexibility over how you use it.

You can find many methods of jailbreaking online, but it can be risky. Alternatively, you can find ways to download software from beyond the app store without jailbreaking. For instance, if you want free access to your favorite movies and TV shows, you could use Show box For iPhone.

You should always backup your iPhone before downloading any third-party software. As long as you take precautions, it’s a fantastic add-on for your device.

Get An Apple Watch

If you want a fun and handy accessory for your iPhone, get an Apple Watch. They allow you to use all your favorite iPhone apps on a small wrist device.

The newest Apple Watch Series 2 packs some brilliant features. It can act as a fitness tracker, counting how many steps you’ve taken and how many calories you’ve burnt. It also has GPS and is even waterproof; so you can take it on trips or even go swimming with it!

While the Apple Watch is the industry leader, it isn’t the only option. Many other smartwatches are compatible with iOS. A lot of them are also cheaper than Apple’s branded watch. Whichever you go for, it’ll definitely help you get more from your iPhone.

Buy Bluetooth Speakers

Every music lover should have a pair of Bluetooth speakers to connect with your iPhone. You can blast out all your favorite tunes at parties or even when just chilling at home.

You can have even more fun with these if you get some of the best music apps. Things like Spotify and Pandora are ideal for creating playlists and finding new music. Every music lover will appreciate these things for their iPhone!