5 Must-have Gadgets For Fitness Freaks

Technology has affected all areas of our lives. In the fitness industry, apps are big business – helping us to monitor our running and steps, to count our calories and calculate jogging routes. However, there’s more health technology than what’s on your phone. If you really want to go the extra mile, why not invest in some of these sporty gadgets?

Cordless headphones

For those who like run and cross-train with music, a decent pair of headphones can be a good purchase. But how do you stop yourself from constantly snagging on the wires and getting tangled? Simple – invest in cordless headphones (check out http://www.dextroaudio.com/danibos-headphones/ for a good example). These can connect to your music-listening device via Bluetooth and have buttons on the side which allow you to easily pause, skip tracks and answer calls. In-ear-headphones can often fall out, and so over-ear headphones are more preferable.


For cyclists, checking stats can be dangerous. Sometimes the only way is to pull over and take a look, which can interrupt your cycling (particularly if you’re training for a time or endurance). Sportiiis are device that fits neatly on your sunglasses and is able to read your speed, heart rate, cadence and power. The device is able to give you stats via voice prompt, whilst six LED lights on the device allow you to check your heart rate at a glance.


For dieters who have tried every technique in the book, this unusual hi-tech fork might be worth a trial. The Hapifork is able to regulate your eating pace, telling you when you are speeding through tiny vibrations. The fork is able to read your eating duration, as well as how many fork servings you take a minute, plus other stats. All of this can get transferred to the Hapifork app on your phone for you to read up on after your meal.

Smart socks

Smart technology has found a place in every part of our home, even our sock drawer. These Wi-Fi powered socks read pressure signals in your ankles, measuring how well you’re running. Sprains and twists are the most common injury suffered by runners – often the result of putting too much strain on your ankles. When practicing for a big run, these socks can help prevent any nasty accident that might leave you out of action on the day. Even with sensors attached, they’re as comfortable as any other pair of socks. And yes, they’re washable.

Umoro One

For protein shake lovers, this high-tech bottle works like a mini-blender. It works like a normal bottle of water most of the time, but with the press of a button it can release 1.5 scoops of your chosen whey mixture in, perfectly blending it so that there aren’t any lumps. This way, you don’t have to carry around a tub of protein, a water bottle and a separate bottle for your shake – have it all in this one magic container. To add to the appeal, it’s very reasonably priced.