What’s App-ening? Apps You May Need To Keep Your Meetings In Check

Are you trying to get creative? Have you been spending a lot of time trying to organize a team or your band to get together and rehearse for once in your life? It can be a major pain in the unmentionables to get everyone together in one place at the same time to get that meeting or brainstorming session off the ground. And while we’ve all got apps with some great golf games or we’re still sort of playing Pokemon Go but aren’t, you haven’t got these.


If you’re in an official meeting scenario and you need to get a team to be more collaborative, you can use this app. It’s an organizer that syncs with Google Calendar so you can attribute who contributed certain points, whether it’s the annual report details or who came up with the idea to stop having sandwiches. So, if you need to give credit where credit’s due, it’s worth getting this app, which is free on an irregular basis, but if this is something you have to use a lot more often, you will have to pay.


Are you struggling to find the best time to get everyone together? This app will look at the diaries of everyone that is attending and will find the best times. A life saver, and a hair saver, as you won’t tear it out firing emails back and forth trying to find a good time for everyone. You copy this into your text or email and then the app will take the reigns from there. Currently free, but only while in Beta. A personal assistant app is something that app development firms can help you out with if you cannot afford to upgrade.


If you are a manager of a startup company, and you’re either speaking to clients or staff members on a one to one basis, you can keep track of these sessions with that person. The “stack” function on this app is a way to keep a notebook on each person. You are then able to create a notebook that goes into an individual notebook so you can add on other things that may be needed, like to-do lists, training, catch-up dates and so on. The tagging function also helps you search for notebooks that were made on certain dates or contained certain words, a great function if you can only remember certain bits of information.

Team Meeting Timer

Do your meetings overrun? You will never overrun again with your meetings with important clients. This app will give certain chunks of time for people to speak. It also gives tips and templates for meetings and agendas. So if you have that person who talks way too much, use this and start timing them!


Using this brainstorming app, you can get people who are not present to collaborate remotely as well as in person accessing a canvas via the Cloud. The “change history” function shows how your mind map was created from beginning to end, helping you show how you got to your end result in an easy to follow way.