Essential Apps Everyone Needs For Travel

Modern technology and inventive apps have made our lives so much easier, and this is particularly evident when it comes to travel. Never has it been more simple to plan routes, prevent getting lost and keep tabs on public transport. Here are just a few of the apps you’re able to download to make your travel as smooth as possible.

Bus/ Train Timetable

In the past, waiting for public transport meant turning up at the stop and hoping for the best- especially if no timetable was shown at the stop. If a bus or train was canceled, the only way you’d know about it is if it simply didn’t arrive. These days you can view the timetable through the app of your local bus, coach or train company. Some modes of transport even give you the ability to track them on a map, and allow you to find out if there are any issues or delays. Plus Twitter can be very useful for live updates. If you check the page of the network you’re using, they often inform people of problems, plus you can ask them a question in real time.

Sat Nav

Sat navs these days can be excellent, but there’s definitely no need to invest in another device if you don’t want to. The problem with sat navs is they’re tempting to thieves meaning you can’t exactly leave them in your car, giving you another device to carry around. Using your phone instead is a smart choice. You can download apps from sat nav creators such as TomTom which will be identical to using an actual sat nav.

Charge Locator

We’re so reliant on our smartphones; they’re used for everything from work to entertainment and everything in between. So there’s nothing worse than ‘battery low’ and knowing you’re going to be without your device while you’re out and about. Luckily there are apps that now allow you to locate charging points so you can go and charge your phone in a public place. You could grab a coffee or a bite to eat while your phone powers back up and means you don’t have to be stuck without it.

Entertainment Apps

The unfortunate thing about travel is… well, the travelling part. The actual process of getting to your destination, whether it be by coach, train or plane is always pretty boring. Thankfully when you have a smartphone you have the world at your fingertips. You can read books, play games, watch videos from your phone (and can be downloaded and used offline if you’re flying). You can chat to friends, read articles or catch up on the news. Downloading some different entertainment apps will stop you from becoming bored while you travel to your destination.

What apps do you think are essential to travel? Whether it’s your morning commute or travelling to a different country, are there apps that you couldn’t be without?