Cool Tech For The Everyday Urban Adventurer

How much do you love living in a real city? Whether you were born there or you moved there, it has a different flow to just about everywhere else. Everything is busier, closer, and a lot more lively overall. Managing the city life can be tough, but that’s where some handy tech can come into play. Here, we’ll look at some of the gadgets that the city-lover oughta have at their disposal.

The reminder you need

When everything’s so densely packed together, it’s not all that difficult to forget about your need to get on your feet for a change. Working and living in a city can seem like it doesn’t afford much opportunity to get the exercise you need. Well, with tools like the Fitbit Alta, you don’t get much choice. It’s like the regular Fitbit, but one new change, in particular, is very helpful. It’s the one that will remind you to get off your backside and move around a little. With adjustable activity goals and alarms, you can make sure a sedentary lifestyle isn’t having too much of a toll on you.

Getting around like a breeze

In the heart of the city, where most of the cool stuff is and where you really want to get around, it can be pretty difficult to make your way. Walking everywhere gets very old, very quick but driving a car around can be slower. To that end, you want to check my reference for gadgets like segways and even electronic skateboards. It’s a lot more eco-friendly than a car and a lot more maneuverable, too.

Managing that hectic lifestyle

You’re probably well aware of the feeling. You get ready for the day and make your way out of the apartment. But you can’t find it. You can’t go to work or meet your friends without it. It doesn’t matter what ‘it’ is, but losing it is pretty damn annoying. So it’s time to get your hands on the gadget that can put all that behind you. Attachable location devices can be fit to all kinds of things. Your wallet, your keys, your laptop. They can all be easily located with just a little time spent attaching a tiny device beforehand.

The sounds of the city

Every city has a heartbeat of its own. It’s in its people, its culture and even the more dangerous aspects of it. If you want to connect to the heart of the city and unwind a little, there’s no better way than keeping your ears open. Cool apps like La Vue make a soundscape of atmospheric music combined with things like real-time police radio. It’s an odd but surprisingly zen experience for when you’re alone in your apartment.

From getting around the city with ease to making sure that you’re never caught off-guard and without those most essential items, there are all kinds of gadgets to make city-living easier. That way you can forget about all the hassle and just enjoy city life for a change.