5 Fun Games Anyone Can Play From Their Internet Browser

Sometimes you just want a quick burst of fun to pass the time. Maybe you don’t want to download anything because you’re on a work laptop or computer, or maybe you’re in a class and don’t want to clog the school computers with useless junk. Mobile gaming is one option, but we all know how quickly our phones die when we’re playing games on them.

No matter! Here are a list of fun and exciting browser games you can play without having to download a single thing. Most of these also work on your phone, so read on and get ready for some convenient gaming fun!


Ever wondered what it’d be like to control your joints with four keys? This fun and whacky game has you controlling your athlete’s legs with the keys Q, W, O and P. Attempt to run across the stadium and make it as far as you can. It’s incredibly difficult despite how simple it sounds, and you’ll no doubt scream in frustration when you’re off to a running start but a slight misstep in your key presses forces your runner to fall flat on the ground with no way to get back up.


If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to play an MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) then Runescape will be a fantastic introduction. This browser-based online game will connect you to thousands of players around the world as you chop trees, cook food and hunt monsters together. You can become a professional trader and work on your gathering and crafting skills, or you can choose to master your combat skills to defeat dragons, beasts or even other players.


This ever-popular card game can be played on hundreds of different websites such as MariaCasino. Brush up your skills in the browser version before you attend poker meetups with your friends in an attempt to steal their lunch money. Most online sites that offer Poker also offer a variety of other casino games that can be played purely for recreation (or money if you’re feeling brave!) such as Blackjack, Roulette or Slot Machines.

Cookie Clicker

This is just one of the hundreds of different browser-based incremental games that have become popular in recent years. The objective starts simple: click on the cookie to get a cookie. You can choose to save up your cookies, or you can invest in extra features to get more cookies. For example, you can use your cookies to buy workers that harvest cookies for you, or you can buy tools so that your clicks generate more cookies. It’s an extremely simple concept but it’s amazingly addictive, and there are many different variations of incremental games with unique and interesting themes and gameplay options.


This is a unique multiplayer that puts you in the seat of a blob. The objective is to absorb smaller blobs to get bigger until you eventually grow big enough to absorb other players. But be warned! There are many people playing, and they might be so big that the slightest touch will absorb you into their bodies to become part of their enormous size. It’s a strangely addictive idea that’ll have you saying “one last try” to yourself for the better part of an hour.