App-solutely Must Haves: The Best Tech For Travel

Technology has done, and will continue to do a lot for us. People are always going to be developing solutions to problems, new software and hardware will be created. It’s never going to end and that’s a great thing for all of us!

Travel is one area where tech helps in amazing ways.

For example, can you even remember the last time you visited a travel agent to book a holiday? The internet is full of various package deals and getaways. To book your next vacation, you barely have to leave your bed! Amazing.

It doesn’t just end with being able to book holidays over the internet, no. Apps and software are revolutionising the way we travel.

Take Skyscanner for example. Skyscanner is an app that allows you to browse flights to anywhere in the world. It’s like a search engine specifically for flights, meaning you can see the cheapest flights available at anytime to anywhere. Without Skyscanner, you’d have to do all this on your own – slogging through airline webpage after airline webpage. You’d miss out on the deals a site like Skyscanner provides. Kayak is another booking app like Skyscanner, but with the exception that it has exclusive deals that will allow you to browse car hire, flights and hotels without having to do all the work.

It’s not just booking a holiday though – apps like Uber have made it easier than ever to travel around. Most major cities are full to the brim of potential taxi rides. You don’t even need to know the local cab number! Shofur which is available on iOS allows you to book bus seats as well. Google Maps can also save your day if you are lost, and not only that – it can recommend the best food and restaurants near you based on reviews. Finally, software like Duolingo can help you brush up on your language skills when you’re away – practice before you go though

It’s not just software though – plenty of gadgets exist to boost your travel experiences! From wifi-cufflinks to miniature espresso makers, there’s plenty of tech on the market to curb your fear of missing out. If you’ve been doing too much Uber-ing, your phone is going to be running out of battery – so why not bring something like a Power Card along with you. This credit card sized device can bring your phone back up to charge in a pinch! Battery is worth considering as you’ll be stuck without a charged smartphone – even when you are away on your holiday abroad.

With all of these developments, gadgets and software about – it’s a wonder that we managed to travel before these! How did we pull it off? What’s more, as we said at the start – tech is always improving. If you think traveling is easier now thanks to technology, wait until a few years time. Teleportation probably isn’t that far off either!