Slow Internet? Speed Up Your Surf With These Tips

There’s nothing worse than slow, ponderous internet. Whether you’re just browsing, gaming or you need the extra speed for trading stocks, when the internet slows down it comes with huge frustration. It can affect your down time, or even your work. Technology is advancing all the time, yet the internet still seems to lul and lag when we really need it not to. Here are some tips which could see the issues end.

Upgrade To Fiber Optic Broadband

If you don’t use fiber optic then it can be a great way of improving your internet speed. Data and flow and travel far more quickly along fiber optic cables, the top speed depends on your area but you can increase your speed dramatically. You can check out the coverage at Fiber optic is certainly internet is a must for avid gamers and stock brokers as the speeds are hard to match.

Switch Providers

If you notice constantly low speeds as an issue then simply swap your providers. They could offer a speedier internet for a lower fee. The majority of providers use a great first year deal that goes up drastically after the first year so swapping once per year can leave you paying the least for the best internet speeds. You can find a great comparison of all the available internet speeds and providers here. Be wary of contracts and try not to get swept up into a long term deal, keep it at a year. Otherwise you could be left with slow internet for a long time with no way of switching or getting out.

Confront Your Provider

If you’re noticing slower speeds and are under contract then contact your provider and confront them about it. Over the years it has emerged that many providers slow internet down over peak times, especially in the evening. If you pay for a certain speed then you should get that speed. Confront them, ask them why your internet is slowing down and tell them you’re not happy. If they have their priorities in the right place then they may try to sort it out for you, they want your custom after all. But nothing will be done if you just let it slide.

Use A Booster

If your computer or device is far away from the router then it can slow your speed down. Check your connectivity percentage, the lower the percentage the less effective internet you’re receiving. For the quicker speed you need the percentage high and the least amount of obstacles between your router and your device. There are ways of increasing, or boosting the signal by using Wi-Fi extenders. The essentially extend your signal to a certain area, allowing you to benefit from speedier internet. There are many boosters to choose from and are of a variable price range so you can choose one that fits your needs. Simply changing things around can help. If you have another phone line that’s closer to your computer try moving it. It could make a huge difference.