Ways To Make Your Little Black Dress Sparkle

The classic little black dress is something that pretty much every single woman out there has in her closet. Some of us might even have a few different LBDs for different occasions – let’s face it, funeral wear is likely to be pretty different from the sort of LBD that you wear out to dinner with your friends, right? But no matter what style your little black dress is, there are ways for you to make it look incredible…

Update Your Makeup

If you’re wearing all black, then you need to make sure that your face looks incredible. Go for a dewy, healthy look – blend your foundation carefully and use a dewy setting spray to make sure that it stays. NARS Orgasm blush is one of the absolute classics and has a little sparkle to it, and you could also try out strobing by applying highlighter – try out the Mary-Lou Manizer – to whatever parts of your face that the light might hit. If you want a slightly more gothic look, go for a matte liquid lipstick in a darker shade.

Add Jewellery

One way to make any outfit instantly more dazzling is to add jewellery. One of the best things about fashion jewellery is that you don’t actually have to spend thousands on real gold, silver and jewels – you can buy good quality costume jewellery too, particularly to go with plainer outfits. As we all know, chokers are big at the moment and they can add an awesome gothic vibe to whatever you’re wearing, but if you’d rather drip with jewels then there’s nothing better to go with it than your LBD.

Go For Shoes And Bags

There’s absolutely nothing better than shoes and bags to jazz up your outfit. A pair of killer heels can save absolutely any dress, but if you can’t balance in them or if you can’t bear your feet pinching at the end of the night, then go for some trusty old Dr Martens or sneakers along with black tights, particularly if your dress is short. You can really go to town with your bag – choose a quirky design in a bright colour like yellow to show off your style.

Throw Out Your Old LBDs

If you’re anything like most fashion lovers, then you might just have a nasty habit of adding new items to your closet without throwing out any of the old ones. That habit ends here: every time you add a new piece to your clothes rack, make sure you pick out an old one to donate to charity. It’s particularly important to get rid of items that just don’t make you feel good any more. A little black dress is a classic, but if it’s faded to off-black in the wash or if it doesn’t fit you perfectly, what’s the point in keeping it? Let’s face it, no heels will be able to make a dress that just doesn’t suit you look good. Be generous with yourself and allow yourself to move on with your life by throwing out things that you no longer need.