Tech, Music, and Friends: Surviving Those Long Study Sessions

Hello, students! Exam season is just around the corner, and you know what that means: complete and utter misery is on its way! Oh, no, that’s not it – what we meant to say was long study sessions are abound (though maybe they’re the same thing). Never fear, though, because we’re on hand to give you the lowdown on how you can not just survive your study session, but make it thriving and productive!

Say Goodbye to Social Media

Yeah, you must have known this one was coming. Sad as it might be, there’s little that Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram can add to your studying session, so you need to make sure you’re not spending more time than you should. Everyone procrastinates to a degree, but if you’re browsing your social media accounts then you’ll be procrastinating with a bit of a revision on the side; let’s make it the other way round. If you don’t trust yourself, use sites like and put your time back in your hands. If you really can’t live without social media, at least limit it to a quick peek every hour or two.

How Do You Learn?

There is more than one way to learn. Some learn by revising as part of a group; some need to be alone in their world, some have to be guided through their learning visually. If you need videos but video sites are blocked by your institution, use YouTube proxy service online websites to get around the ban (pssst, this will also be good when you need to take a break). If you’re one of those people who likes to be lost in their head, load up a video games music playlist on Spotify and settle in; this type of music is supposed to be pleasurable but not distracting, and it’s usually pretty beautiful music too.

Taking Breaks with Friends

If you know how you learn, you’ll probably know that sitting there for hours on end isn’t the most effective way to get information into your brain. For the knowledge to sink in, you need to be taking breaks regularly. And that’s where your friends come in! If you’re all in the library, set a time when you’ll all take a break and grab a coffee. It’s amazing just how refreshing a 20-minute break chatting about life and nothing at all with friends can be.

Websites To Help You Learn

The internet is so much more than funny videos and memes (they’re pretty great though!). There are also countless amazing websites that can boost the learning process. Take a read of some lifehack productivity tips to make sure you use your time well. There’s also UReddit, which provides users with easy to understand courses on a whole host of subjects. If you’re struggling to understand one particular thing, take a look there, and you’ll have it no time.

And remember: sleep is your best friend during study season. Revise well, go to bed early, and your exams will be a breeze!