The Tech You Didn’t Realise Your Business Can’t Live Without

Whether you have realised it yet or not, your business needs to embrace and use the latest technologies if it wants to be successful. And there are host of the latest pieces of technology that you should be embracing, whether you realise they exist or not. Each area and sector of your business can be bettered by some form of modern day technology. Below are just a few areas of your business that the latest tech can improve greatly. As well as this, below are a few of the latest pieces of tech that, upon learning of them, you will realise your business actually can’t live without.


You want every single inch of your business to be productive at all times, right? Well, luckily there are a host of productivity-inducing pieces of tech out there. One of which is Post-it Plus, a piece of online technology that boosts productivity and coherence in a business. It is an app that allows for you and your team of employees to brainstorm possible ventures digitally. This means that you and your team can contribute towards ideas and practices at all times, wherever any of you are.

And another way you can induce productivity in your business is to simply embrace the Internet of Things. The IoT is an interconnection via the Internet that enables everyday things to send and receive data — and it is something your business must make use of. It would allow you to turn your lights on and off. It would allow you to make changes to the temperature of your office. And it would allow you do these things via your phone. This then means no time, not even 20 seconds, is wasted doing things that don’t contribute to taking your business forward.


It has been long established that security tech, such as alarms, are a necessity in the workplace. And this is most definitely true. Alarm technology, and other forms of security tech, are vital in the prevention of criminality. But, unfortunately, criminality has more than just one face. Criminality has more than just the face of burglary. Now, it is not just external forces that are attempting to steal from businesses. Unfortunately it is internal forces, like employees. Because of this, it is a necessity that you not only use security technology to help catch burglars in the act, but also your employees too. One way is to set up a secret and hidden camera. This camera should come in the form of an everyday item. It could be a digital clock. It could be a smoke detector. Or it could even be a pen. Make sure to see the latest cameras on offer and choose the one that fits your workplace the best. And then make sure to watch the real time feed recorded by the camera on your smartphone so that you can catch anybody who is stealing from you in the act straight away!


Not all of your employees will seek to steal physically from you when your back is turned. Some, however, may steal from you in another way. Some may choose to do nothing during their working hours yet still claim payment from you. Because of this, you should use technology in your workplace to motivate your employees to do their work throughout the whole working day. One piece of technology that will help you do this is to use a technology that promotes gamification. This is the process of people wanting to compete with each other for sport. And there are apps that promote this. One of which is GamEffective. When you use such an app you will be able to promote motivation to your employees as they will be able to actively compete with one another in real time. They will be able to track the progress of themselves and others when it comes to the work they do. As well as this, they will also be able to tell if they are on track to complete their work during the time allotted to them to do so.


As you can see, the tech your business uses doesn’t have to be boring. And when you use some of the tech above you will soon see that your working day doesn’t have to be boring either. Whether it be in the field of productivity, security or motivation, you can always be sure that there is tech available to help induce them. And you can also be sure that you, and your employees, can have some fun along the way too!