8 Hobbies That You Could Turn Into A Profit

Having a hobby gives you a little bit of time to yourself to do what you enjoy the most, but they can come at a cost. If you’re into football then either going to watch the games or paying to play in a team will soon mount up. The good news is, you can turn many hobbies into a profit meaning that you’ll be doing the thing you love and making some extra cash. Here are a few hobbies that are really easy to make money from, why not give them a go?

  • Knitting is a popular hobby because it takes you away from reality for a short time and you can create many beautiful garments. Knitting is known to de-stress and help people unwind from their hectic schedules. You could make money from this by selling your finished items. Attending craft fairs and selling online are the most favored routes. Although it may look like a fiddly task, knitting is super easy to learn and master.


  • Dancing. Not only an incredible way to keep fit but a fun one too. Classes are held where you would go to practice. Then when you perform, that’s where you would make your money. If you managed to get onto big stages in theaters, dancing could not only be a paid hobby, but it could turn into an incredible career.



  • Drawing is a great way to relax. Many artists turn to draw when they’ve had something significant happen in their lives, and this often comes out in their artwork. You could sell your pieces at local art shows, or even promote yourself as an artist and design logos/artwork for your clients. Lots of money can be made with being able to draw, so put your talent to good use!



  • Playing the guitar is sure to make you money. If you can’t play, consider getting guitar lessons rather than trying to teach yourself. It will save you so much time and frustration. If you can already play, why not join a band or go solo? Video yourself playing and post it on your social media accounts. So many great musicians have been found through the power of YouTube. This is another hobby that could potentially become a career too! As we all know, musicians can make millions a year when they’re in the spotlight.



  • Computer games. Kicking back with your favorite computer game is among the most popular of hobbies nowadays, and there is significant money to be made within the industry too! Many gamers take to recording themselves playing, which other players watch to learn how to play the game themselves. If you monetize your YouTube account, you could be earning money just by doing what you love. If you’re able to spice up the video a bit and make it funny as Pewdie Pie did, then you’ll be sure to gain those followers. Another way to make money from gaming is to sign yourself up to review games. Again you could record yourself playing or actually write a review on it. With reviews, you will often get to keep the game as a thank you and some companies offer payment. If you become a well sought after reviewer companies will be throwing money at you to review their game.



  • Photography is becoming an increasingly more popular hobby by the day. With the tech that’s in our smartphones and apps like Instagram, we can easily create gorgeous, crisp and professional looking photos. Selling photos that you take will make you some extra money, and your photography skills will be appreciated. My advice though is to invest in a proper camera, as you will definitely notice the difference in quality. Here are the current must-haves for photographers.



  • Car mods. So many people know how to mod their own cars, and if something goes wrong, it’s likely they’ll know how to fix it. Everyone knows someone that has good knowledge with cars, and if you’re one of them, why not turn that into a bit of money for yourself? If a friend or family member needs something doing to their car that you can do, charge them less than a garage would and you’ll soon have more people come to you for help. Of course, don’t attempt to fix anything that you’re not 100% sure on. If this is the case, it’s best to leave it to the professionals.



  • Browsing online even offers the opportunity to earn money now. If all you want to do after a long day is surf the internet, then do yourself a favor and earn some extra cash while doing so! Installing a browser add-on called Qmee will pay you a few pence every time you click on the link that they suggest. Another easy way to make money by browsing is to take paid surveys and enter online competitions. Try going to a site like Toluna. They pay for you to take surveys and answer polls. They even try to cater to your interests, so it’s not mind numbing for the user.


It’s as simple as that. Of course, there are tons of hobbies that you could make yourself some money from. It’s so easy to set up an online store or sell your creations on eBay. The power of the internet has given us the ability to make money from the comfort of our own homes. Get creative with what you do. Try going that extra mile to become the best at your hobby. If it’s basketball, become the best player that teams will want to sign. If you bake cakes, make the most luxurious looking (and tasting) cake you can make. People prefer quality and will pay for it too.

Even though the idea of making money from a hobby appeals to many people, don’t forget it is something you enjoy, so try not to turn it into something that you detest doing. If it gets to that stage, then it’s probably time to stop.

Enjoy making some extra cash while doing the thing you love!