Transform Your Home Into A Music-Lover’s Paradise

Do you love music? Do you live in a house full of music lovers? Then you’re in luck. Thanks to the continued proliferation of technology into the music space, your home can be filled with music day and night. Here’s how.

Statement Headphones

Headphones have come a long way since the 1970s when they were big, round metal abominations. Now they’re pretty stylish – so stylish, in fact, that they’re almost decoration in their own right. Take PRYMA, for instance. The company has recently launched its new range of headphones, designed to tingle both your ear drums and your eyeballs. Though they cost a whopping $500 to buy outright, they’re made by Italian artisans, made from die-cast aluminum and leather, and come in range of super-stylish colors.

The headphones themselves aren’t just meant to look pretty either. Manufactured by old hand Sonus Faber, the audio quality is said to be excellent. And, thanks to an intelligent selection of materials, the makers claim that sound doesn’t escape the headphone cup, making it ideal for situations in which you want to listen to music at full blast without annoying everyone around you.

Home AV

Why do music and audiovisual work together so well? Perhaps it helps listening to music feel more like an event? In any case, though most people would expect some form of AV if they were to go to a nightclub or a concert, relatively few install custom AV solutions in their own homes. However, if you really are a house full of music lovers, then why not? AV can help add something extra to your listening experience and get you pumped.

Smart Guitars

We’ve got smart everything these days – phones, TVs, refrigerators. Everything, that is, except smart instruments. Why not?

Well, things are changing. A company called Jamstix is now selling a smart guitar which it says can connect to any device and can be paired with lots of apps, allowing you to create, edit and share your creations. What’s more, because it’s a smart device, the guitar is a little bit like the keyboard synthesizers of the 1980s and 1990s. It’ll be a guitar if you want it to be, but it’ll also be a banjo, an electric or even a sitar.

How do you use it? However, you like, though it’s been a favorite among Guitar Hero addicts.

Portable Boom Speakers

If you wanted to transform your home into a music-lovers paradise in the past, you had to rip out the plasterwork, lay a bunch of cables, and sew it all up again. And what was worse, if you didn’t like where your 7-speaker surround sound system was located, it was a nightmare to change the configuration.

Now though, thanks to portable boom speakers, that’s all changed. No wires. No ripping out the plasterwork. Just put the speakers wherever you need them and get the surround sound you always wanted, but without the hassle (or the cost).

Many speakers, like the UE Boom 2 wireless set, come with apps that give you fine control over which speakers play which sounds.