Five Key Trends to Be Aware of This Autumn

The autumn season is upon us, which means that the autumn fashions trends are upon us too. And if you want to be atop of the world of fashion over the coming months, you’re going to have to take not of the five autumn 2017 trends below.

Controversially, autumn is the new summer

A controversial trend that has reared its head early in the autumn trends is the refusing to let go of summer. Yes, the summer season may be over, but apparently that doesn’t need to mean its trends need be. Many people who have their finger placed firmly on the pulse of fashion have straight up refused to pack away their summer clothes for another few seasons. Many have refused to let the cold weather deter them from wearing their loose fitting clothes. Many have refused to take their sundresses out of circulation. Yes, a sundress is a dress intended to be worn in warm weather, but that hasn’t stopped many people wearing them way past their apparent sell by date. So, if you don’t want to let go of your summer attire just yet, then you can sure that you won’t look weird if you do so, because apparently it’s a trend! A word of advice though: don’t wear skimpy, loose-fitting clothing if it is going to subject you to cold weather.

Extra large sweaters will play a huge part in coming fashions

However, there are even more people planning to wrap up now the weather has dropped in temperate as there are that aren’t. Specifically, there are a host of people out there buying as many extra large sweaters as they can in order to both stay warm, and stay atop of the world of fashion as autumn progresses. Not only that, but fashionistas are buying midi skirts and beaver boots to accompany their chunky jumpers to ensure that they are wrapped up from head to toe.

Granny knits and corduroy have made a comeback

Who’d have thought it, clothes that look like they’re fresh off the batch of a granny knitting session and clothes made of corduroy have well and truly made a comeback. This must be the biggest comeback since, well, ever! But, the 2017 versions of these styles look nothing like their old, retro versions — so you can breathe a sigh of relief.

Granny knits, specifically the cardigan, are well and truly back in fashion and have even been recreated by Gucci of all designers — that’s how you know they’re back. And corduroy has been reimagined too, and in a far more feminine fashion to boot. It now comes in blush, terracotta and teal looking colours; so, you can be sure that if you ever pull on an autumn 2017 corduroy fashion that you won’t look like your old geography teacher!

The grey suit is in, no matter the occasion

Whether it be in the office or on a date, if you wear a grey suit during autumn you’ll be seen to be fashion conscious. Why? Because the grey suit is well and truly in, no matter who you are! Austere grey suits and checked grey suits, specifically, are very much at the top of the fashion pile. So, get yourself one, or both, of these styles of suits today and you’ll be thanking yourself for months to come.

Red, red, red!

Autumn 2017 is about being bold and bolshy with fashion choices, and is there a bolder colour than red? No, and it is for this reason why designers the world over, of late, have been embracing the all-red look. And yes, this means all red. It doesn’t mean a red handbag here, a red pair of heels there — it means red everywhere. It means top-to-toe in scarlet or crimson. It means wearing as red a coat (or extra large jumper) as you can find. Simply, it means buying every read piece of clothing that you can find!

Whether you want to wear your summer dresses for as long as the weather allows it. Whether you want to wrap up as warm as you can at all times. Whether you want to give reimagined retro looks a go. Whether you want to adorn yourself in a grey suit. Or whether you want to dress yourself in red from head to toe. Whatever you decide to do with your fashion this autumn, just be sure to do whatever is you want. It’s good to look at the latest fashions and listen to advice given about fashion, but at the end of the day you should wear what you feel comfortable wearing.