Productive Gaming Culture Is Far From Wasting Time

In the modern world of technology, we often find ourselves with too many options to choose from sometimes. But we will at one point or another have time on our hands which we don’t know what to do with. Therefore many of us slip into that mode of trying to be productive, in ways that may not benefit us regarding our jobs or homelife, but make us feel better. Other times we like to be challenged, so we train our minds to remain active in maths, science and logical thinking, so we play games that reflect those qualities. One of the biggest markets in the world are games that challenge us to keep score, improve and try to hit goals that will further our understanding. The culture that we live in today is very competitive, and because of that, there are many options to play games that will make your smarter and quicker thinking.

Card games never die

Card games are incredibly easy to understand, and everyone can play them. Often when patients have just gone through surgery whether it was for dealing with a concussion or brain surgery, playing card games is one of their daily tasks to do. Whether you’re trying to play games that revolve around chronology like solitaire or simply games like poker with a friend, they help to reaffirm your connection with mathematics and order. In the modern times, we live in now; this has translated to the ability to make money on the side as part of a hobby with games like blackjack live. Blackjack is purely a logical game where simply deduce a number of cards you’ve seen before with each hand, and mathematically predict when the next time is you’ll see the same card again. Essentially you can try to balance your odds, by improving your memory.

Studying and reacting

Games help us to look at the situation from a logical standpoint. If there is a puzzle with an immediate reaction, we get a burst of gratification when we can work out. This is why games like Angry Birds became so popular because you were tasked with the job or destroying a structure and getting the objects inside, with a limited amount of choices. Each throwing bird had a different property, so you had to choose wisely with regards to which one was the best for the entry, the heaviest to topple a vertical structure or simply, where the weakest point was. You can also see in games like Candy Crush, where the game is basically like an advanced form of Tetris. You have to make complex chains, pair and connect, as well as react to new circumstances that are coming in. Although we may see this purely as fun, it actually trains the mind to think fast, and balance risk and reward quickly.

Gaming culture has changed dramatically, but in the end, gaming isn’t just as an artform. With modern technology, we can see how far games have progressed, and therefore the new ways we can challenge our brains and not be wasting time.