Is Technology Just As Bad As It Is Good?

We can’t deny that we’re living in the technological era. It’s advancing at such an alarming rate, there’s no telling what the next few years will actually produce. Children are now being brought up with an Iphone in their hand by the time they’re five years old. If this doesn’t prove what technological era we’re in, we don’t know what will. But is this technology becoming just as bad for us as it is good? Some people will argue it’s shaping the future, some people will argue it is brainwashing the nation. Whatever your view, this article should give you a better view of the pros and cons.



The question mark is there because is tech really reliable? How many times (if you work in an office) has your computer broke down? Exactly. Or even at home, laptops and phones tend to break all the time. Computers seem to be the worst for it, especially after a few years of owning them. Dave’s Computers is a well established company that’ll do more computer repairs than they can count over a year. So why do we rely on them so much? Well, with business in particular, everything is online. Sales, social media, news, everyone turns to technology to do everything nowadays. It isn’t just computers that cause trouble. New and exciting technology such as driverless cars are causing quite the stir as of late. One Tesla car predicted a crash before it even happened, an absolutely amazing advancement in technology. But another nearly killed Jeremy Clarkson the other week. Would you still get in one and trust it?


Taking Over

Technology is literally taking over the world. Without actually being a physical being. It is controlling our lives more than we care to realise. So is it taking over the world? Well yes, it pretty much is. It’s only third world countries and remote islands who aren’t so clued up on tech, they’re still stuck in the age of verbal communication rather than texting, which is amazing. As for the westernised world, we’re in a bit of trouble. Take the robots that are being created at the minute. They’re so life like, and can do so many things that humans can do already. A lot of people in the past predicted that one day robots would ruin humanity, is this time coming faster than we thought? Or are the going to help provide unity in the world? Only time will tell!



Although some people of the older generation will argue education should still be taught out of a textbook, technology is definitely doing good in terms of education. It helps young children, right through to adults with their learning. There are so many online guides and classes that people can take to help boost their knowledge. If children are falling behind in class, then it is a great way to help them catch up. It’s also a different learning style that suits a lot of people. Some are hands on, some prefer writing things down, some learn by typing it up or watching a video. Tech seems to make people better through education.