Mac Hacks You Need In Your Life

Everyone knows that for work, play or social media, Macs are the ultimate choices that not only look good but perform brilliantly too. However, they are so different from a normal PC that they can take a little getting used to. That is where we come in because below you will find a guide to the smartest and most useful Mac hacks. Read on to find out more.

The command key is your friend

The command key is something that you will get to know intimately if you are using a Mac, as it’s basically the source of all your shortcut wizardry power. The reason for this that Apple decided that having a right function click is something that no one actually needs. Instead, they feel it’s much more for to learn and execute a cipher of keystrokes to perform functions like copy and paste, print and find.

Notable mentions in these keystrokes include command plus shift plus 3 for a screenshot. Command plus P for print, and the ever elusive command plus option plus escape, to perform a forced quit.

‘Appy times

Next, hack you Mac by getting apps that make your digital life easier. There are task tracking apps, and money trackers and even some things like this ingenious software called iMazing app available.

This app enables you to treat your iPhone much the same as you would any other external drive, allowing you to drag and drop files without having to synchronise every time. Something that is well worth investing in if you like to have all of your info with you when you are on the go.

Express emotions

You can also hack your Mac by pressing command plus control plus space. This will bring instantly get up an emoji keyboard. Something that is useful to help you express the emotional tome of the message that you are writing, as well as make using your Mac a little more fun.

Quick calculations

Another awesome hack that you just can’t do without is using the spotlight function as a calculator. After all, there is no actual calculator on the dock. All you need to do is press command and space and enter in your sum, and it will do it for you. Something that can be of real help if you just want to work something out quickly and not interrupt your flow of work.

Rock hot corners like a (MacBook) pro

Last, of all, a hack that every Mac user needs to have in their life is to be able to use hot corners. This is the clever function that allows you to control your desktop super easily and with style.

Basically, you can have different functions associated with each corner of the screen, and you direct your mouse to that corner to activate each one. This allows you to dispense with some shortcuts and you can also customize which functions you would like to use helping you to make your workflow more efficient.

To set them up just had to mission control and go to the bottom left button marked hot corners. You won’t regret it.