Creating the ultimate man cave ahead of the 2018 World Cup

One of the worlds biggest sporting events will shortly be upon us; the 2018 World Cup starts in June, and the big question is, where will you be watching it? Will it be from a dingy local pub, with a beer-soaked carpet and stale peanuts, or will you follow these top tips on how to create the ultimate man cave ahead of the World Cup? If you sensibly opt for the latter, the following suggestions are sure-fire ways to create a space that all your mates will be envious of (and probably never want to leave).


First things first, the screen. You’re going to need a blank wall or space large enough to accommodate your desired TV size. Now we can’t imagine you’ll want to watch it on anything less than a 42”, and more than likely you’ll want to invest in something upwards of 50”. You’ll find a fantastic range of LCD HD ready TVs at Currys. Just be sure to measure the wall before you choose the biggest one going.


Now you might not be able to manage a flight to Russia or a ticket to the final, but with a surround sound system, you’ll certainly feel like you’re part of the crowd. Be sure to hear any snippets of iconic commentary, like “They think it’s all over; it is now”, over the top of your mate’s cheers with a high-quality sound and speaker system from Bose.


A comfortable chair is paramount to enjoying the game. A classic leather armchair is the staple of any man cave and doubles as a great gaming chair when you’re calling all the shots playing FIFA. What’s more, leather is wipable, so it’s an excellent choice when you can’t help but leap out of the chair to scream at the referee and end up spilling your beer. Arlo & Jacob have a vast range of classic leather armchairs.


Imagine never having to do the walk home from the pub ever again? Bring the bar to you and fit your man cave out with a fully stocked bar. It’ll last you well after the World Cup and will quickly make you the favourite amongst your friends – providing a new spot to relax and socialise from the comfort of your home. This quirky truck bar is from Maison du Monde and will make a big impact in your space.


Coffee Table

A coffee table is a necessity for any self-respecting man-cave as it’s the place to refuel on snacks. We like this two block storage table from Dwell: keep your crisps, and salty snacks tucked away inside, and you won’t even have to make a trip to the kitchen to restock. Don’t forget to have a stash of cool beer mats on hand to protect from inevitable cheer-related spills.

Once you’ve kitted out your man cave, there really is nothing left to do but sit back, crack open a beer and watch with clenched teeth in the hope that your team doesn’t end up in a penalty shootout.