Rubbing shoulders with celebs – the Royal Wedding and brunch with Kim Kardashian

Lots of us have given up hope that our Royal Wedding invitations are in the post coming to us, and we’ve just accepted that we’ll just have to watch the ceremony on television. But did you know that, 2,640 lucky members of the public have received requests to attend the big day – including us?

It’s true, and the upcoming nuptials aren’t the first time we’ve been invited to brush shoulders with celebrities. Angelic Diamonds, retailers of engagement rings, look at other fab occasions when we’ve been able to scrub up to walk amongst A-listers:

The Royal Wedding

Taking place in two day on May 19th, the Royal Wedding is almost upon us. And, unlike other high-profile weddings, certain members of the public have been invited to take part in the special day.

Lucky individuals across the UK have been selected by Lord Lieutenant offices to attend the wedding. These people will see the royals arrive at the chapel and see the procession in their chosen carriage after the ceremony.

When the guestlist was decided, the married couple-to-be specified that the invitees should be from a range of backgrounds and ages and should include those who have “shown strong leadership and those who have served their communities”. The stories of some of the chosen guests were then told through the Kensington Palace Twitter page.

The official guestlist isn’t’ known, but it’s possible that the guests will brush shoulders with celebrities such as Serena Williams, The Spice Girls and Ed Sheeran.

Sessions with Taylor Swift on listening

Did you know that Taylor Swift has always been one for keeping in touch with her fans? One Christmas, she wrapped gifts for her supporters for a festive treat. She’s also invited her super-fans for secret listening sessions ahead of a couple of her albums.

In 2014, ahead of the release of her 1989 album, she invited her fandom over to her house for lunch. She served them pumpkin chocolate chip cookies that she’d personally baked and gave everyone free album merchandise. Guests got photos with the superstar, held her awards and even listened to her talking about her relationship with ex-One Direction star, Harry Styles.

Taylor must have loved the occasion so much that she decided to do something similar in 2017. This time, she invited fans to a listening party in London to hear her sixth studio album, Reputation. Taylor handpicked 100 fans to attend the event and they enjoyed chicken nuggets, M&Ms and Reputation-themed cookies.

Kim Kardashian’s birthday brunch with

We’re all about Keeping Up with the Kardashians, but would you ever think you’d be invited to brunch with one of them? That’s what some of Kim’s super-fans got to do in 2015.

For Kim’s 35th birthday, she flew all of her fans who she follows on social media out to Los Angeles for brunch. The meeting took place at the Four Seasons in Westlake Village and guests enjoyed food and drinks, took photos with the reality star and got their phone cases signed.

As an extra surprise, husband Kanye showed up to the venue with their daughter North. After the event, Kim said on Twitter “I love you guys so much and am so grateful to have met you guys today!” and sent personalised thank-you cards to those who were invited.

Grammys Weddings

Some of us want a quiet service for our wedding day, surrounded by close family and friends. But, this couldn’t be more different to what 33 newlyweds experienced in 2014.

They were invited to the 56th Grammy Awards in 2014, held at Staples Centre in Los Angeles. To celebrate their love and Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’s single Same Love, heterosexual and homosexual couples were married on stage. The marriages were officiated by Queen Latifah who was deputised for the day so she was able to pronounce the couples as married.

The full concept was planned to be a surprise and none of the guests or the viewers at home knew what was coming. The idea was decided the year before, and a casting director was hired to gather the happy couples. They then had to sign contracts and were not allowed to tell anyone about what was going to happen. They had to attend multiple rehearsals to prepare themselves for the biggest day of their lives!

Banana bread and Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy Teigen is known for interacting with her fans over social media, posting about her own life and topical issues. But, when Chrissy wanted to make the perfect banana bread and needed six brown bananas, she invited her followers for help.In exchange for the bananas, Chrissy offered fans a signed cookbook, a pair of her husband John’s underwear and a Becca make-up palette. Photos were posted on social media of Chrissy’s assistant picking up the bananas and of course, her cooking the bread.