Create Cool Videos with Movavi Screen Capture Studio to boost your Website SEO

Videos are great tools to engage the audience and give a boost to your SEO efforts. Adding relevant videos on your product, service page or company website also influences your rank in the SERPs. You may also want to create a video of how your product works or tutorials for your audience. For example, if you are selling a software, you can give them a tutorial on how to use it using screen captures.

Now it’s not really easy to find a good program especially if you want to record screen on Windows 10. But luckily there is a free program you can use to capture and create neat videos for your website.

Movavi Screen Capture Studio

It’s rare to come across useful software as Movavi Screen Capture Studio which can be even used for free. You can record screen activity, keystrokes, or anything going on the screen. There’s a cool video editor you can use to enhance your videos to make it perfect.

Let’s see what you can do with the program.

Record Screen on Windows 10

You can choose the custom area to record on your screen using your mouse or given parameters. You can select the area manually by using the mouse and dragging the frame. The video can be improved with background music or your own voice using the mic for tutorials and walkthroughs. You can record sound from multiple sources!

You can also highlight your actions such as keystrokes and cursor movement using the Effects menu. The option is really helpful when you are making tutorials or walkthroughs and want your audience to follow your actions closely. The program lets you adjust the recording duration and schedule recordings automatically.

Edit Video to make it Perfect

Your videos should be interesting and Movavi gives you a smart video editor for the purpose. You can cut, rotate, crop or split the captured footage in parts. The editor also allows you to add in cool effects and adjust color and other parameters to create make your video the way you want it.

Convert and Share

Today the audience uses multiple devices to access your website. It can be a PC or an Android tablet- your website and videos should perform without any glitches. Movavi Screen Capture Studio will optimize your video for posting on websites and for mobile so that your audience gets the best experience.

You can also convert your video to different formats for viewing on various platforms in formats such as avi, mp4, gif, mov and others.

Use Movavi Screen Capture Studio to Record Screen on Windows 10

It’s really simple and easy to record your screen activity using the tool. You don’t even need any special editing skills to use the video editor-just experiment and give your video the desired look in user friendly way. The best part is that the program can be downloaded and used for free!

So give it a try and see if the videos are improving your rank or drawing extra website traffic.