How to Host a Night in Over Video Chat

If there is one thing that the global lockdown has done, it has made people creative. They are connecting with their friends and family digitally better than before. It isn’t just a short chat, it’s hosting movie nights, and quiz nights, and sharing in experiences even if there is the physical distance between them.

It opens up a world of possibilities and ways to connect with friends and family who don’t live in the same city as you, and with so many options, you have a huge host of different nights in with friends and family. All you need is to start planning. Here is how you can host the perfect night in even over video chat.

Share a Meal

There are so many ways that you can share a meal with your loved ones online. You can both order in your favourite Thai from a Noodle Noodle Bar London eatery and enjoy it together while you chat online. Or you could choose a recipe and prepare it together, so you end up eating the same thing. However, the first option is certainly a lot easier!

Sharing a meal is already a very powerful bonding experience because you are introducing your senses to new food and sharing in your response. Translating this experience online is so much easier than you think and a great way to kick off any night in.

Watch a Movie Together

There are so many tools today that make it easy to watch a movie together. Through Netflix, you can use the extension called “Netflix Party,” which allows you to share a link to a movie or show and sync it up with your loved one on the other end of the chat. You can pause it and have their video paused. As it stays in perfect sync, there isn’t an issue with an echo, either.

If you aren’t using Netflix or any other streaming service that has similar tools available, then the next best thing is to look up an online time website, which has the true time down to the nanosecond. This way, you can both press play at the same time and don’t have to worry about any minute differences between your clocks.

Host a Quiz Night

Quiz nights are so much fun because there are so many possibilities. Don’t stick with just the same old quiz format, either. Be creative with the challenges you host for your friends and family. The goal of the quiz makes hanging out fun and gives you all something to focus on.

Follow an Online Class Together

There are so many online webinars, classes, and so on. Find one like a cooking class online and follow it together. This works best if the class isn’t live, so you can use the same strategy you do for your other videos (sync up the time) and follow along with the steps with your loved ones.

It can feel strange at first to host these sorts of events and get-togethers online, especially if you didn’t Skype or Zoom a lot beforehand. Stick with it. Over time it will become more natural, and you’ll be able to develop great habits that will help you stay in touch with all of your friends and family, no matter how far apart from you they are.