How to Create a Fashion Mood Board This Fall

If you love fashion and can’t wait to plan each new season’s outfits, then why not create your own fashion mood board to inspire your creativity and promote your individual sense of style even more?

What exactly is a mood board?

Often used in home décor and interior design, a mood board is a type of visual presentation where you can collate images, texts, samples, basically whatever you want to prepare for a new project or event.

However, when it comes to creating your fashion mood board, or inspiration board, you will instead be planning your wardrobe for the season ahead, including any new purchases that you may want to make.

Not sure where to begin?

Keep reading to discover exactly how you can create a fall fashion mood board, plus ideas for what you can include on it!

Create the board

The first step is to create the mood board itself. Of course, you could always create an online mood board using Pinterest, but the beauty of a physical fashion mood board is that you get to actually see, smell and touch the textures and materials that you gather.

All the materials that you need can be bought from an arts and crafts store. If you want to save all your cash for clothes, why not use a Hobby Lobby Coupon for this step to make purchasing all the essentials you need for this project a little cheaper?

Common materials used to make a mood board include cardboard, a foam core board, or a corkboard. All will work perfectly well, so it is up to you which one you would prefer to use.

Look for inspiration

Go out and purchase all your favorite fashion magazines such as Vogue and Cosmopolitan and thoroughly look through the pages for inspiration. Cut out anything that you love, however small or insignificant, and place it to one side ready to go on your mood board.

Also look on social media, Instagram in particular, to see what your favorite fashionistas, celebrities, and models are wearing. Print out any images that catch your eye and again, put aside for later.

Identify colors

As with any mood board, your fashion mood board needs to have a clear direction when it comes to colors and color combinations for the season ahead. Of course, fall is naturally associated with brown, oranges, reds, and purple. However, you don’t need stick to these shades. If you love to wear black, then focus your mood board on this color.

Remember, this is your fashion mood board. There are no rules with this; just go with how you feel.

Think about textures

As you are probably already aware, texture is key when it comes to fashion, affecting not only how an item looks but also how it feels for the wearer. Start to look for actual samples so that you can touch your preferred fabrics and see how they feel against your skin.

You could visit a fabric store for this and ask for any scrap pieces of your preferred materials. Alternatively, if you have any old clothes that are too worn out for the local charity store, you could cut a small piece off and add to your board.

Finalizing your board

Once you have all your photographs, cut-outs, fabrics, and anything else that you have found all ready, it is now time to add them all to your board. Try to be systematic when you do this and pin or stick fabrics/colors/images that you think will work well together on the same area of the board.

Once complete, hang your fashion mood board in a place where you can easily see it and are sure to consult it before you go shopping.