Everything you need to know about giving your pets CBD

Cannabidiol, more commonly known as CBD, has become increasingly popular in the last few years as a treatment for a range of health conditions such as depression, anxiety, stress, chronic pain, insomnia, and even seizures. It isn’t just people who are seeing the benefits either—CBD is now being used more and more frequently as a treatment for our pets. Here’s a quick overview of how it could help your cat or dog.

What exactly is CBD?

CBD is a naturally occurring chemical compound found in the cannabis plant, but unlike THC it has no psychoactive properties (meaning that it won’t get you or your pet high). It works by affecting the body’s endocannabinoid system—which all mammals have—and is renowned for its anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving, and antidepressant properties.

CBD is also used in beauty products thanks to its ability to treat skin complaints such as acne, eczema, dry skin, redness, and itching. It can also be added to bath products to promote good sleep and relaxation. The most common way to use CBD is mixed with a carrier oil, such as hemp seed oil or coconut oil, which can then be included in all sorts of products, from creams and tinctures to edibles.

How can CBD help my pet?

CBD boasts a whole range of health benefits for animals. It can promote feelings of relaxation and stress relief, reduce inflammation, help to manage pain and seizures, and even lessen the symptoms of cancer. This means it can be used to assist pets who are suffering from a range of health conditions, including anxiety, epilepsy, and arthritis. It can also help to reduce symptoms such as vomiting and nausea, as well as stimulate appetite. The research into how CBD can be used to treat pets is still in its infancy, but so far, the results have been extremely positive and there is a wealth of anecdotal evidence attesting to its efficacy.

How do I give CBD to my pet?

CBD pet products come in a range of forms, including creams, capsules, oils that can be dropped directly under the tongue or added to food, and hemp treats from specialist websites such as ceebeedoo.com. Some pets don’t like the bitter taste of CBD, so capsules or treats might be the best choice. Just remember to always check the correct dosage for your furry friend!

Is CBD safe for pets?

CBD is widely considered to be perfectly safe for pets, with far fewer potential side effects than traditional pharmaceutical medications. The most commonly reported ones are drowsiness, dry mouth, and increased appetite, all of which are minor and can be far outweighed by the possible benefits CBD can bring to your pet.

It’s important to always purchase high-quality CBD from a company you can trust, and that the product is made specifically for animals rather than people. If your pet is on any existing medications, check with your vet to make sure it’s safe for them to take CBD at the same time before giving it to them.