4 Essentials for Luxury Bathrooms

Whether you are focused on getting clean fast or soaking in the tub, a good bathroom oozes with sophistication and functionality. A luxury bathroom feels like you are visiting a spa every time you close the door. There are many ways of turning your bathroom into a luxury spa, from adding simple accents and colour changes to investing in a luxury shower. If you have always wanted to update your bathroom and create a sanctuary, this blog will give you a rundown of four essentials you will need to create a luxury space.

A High-Functioning Shower or Bath

Add sophistication and luxury to your bathroom with a high-functioning shower or bath. You want the focus of your bathroom to be the place where you soak and clean yourself, and you need a tub and shower that is comfortable and high functioning. Furthermore, you will want a bath or shower with luxury features, such as a steam shower or a bath with a roll neck. You want to set the mood in your bathroom for pure relaxation, and these two features will do exactly that. These days, some showers are so decked out that you can even create a mood with lighting and scent gadgets.

Whatever you choose – bath, shower or both – it is essential that you also make sure that you have a great plumber to hand. Check out nonpareilsolutions.co.uk for your plumbing needs. A good bathroom needs a good plumber.

A Double Sink

Nothing screams luxury more than having two sinks in your bathroom. Double sinks are incredibly chic; one for you and one for your partner. You will have space to do everything you need to when it comes to your facial rituals and teeth brushing, giving you that feeling of personal space that you want and need from a bathroom.

Sinks and vanities are great places to create luxury. You can buy and decorate the space with lovely lighting and opulent mirrors.

Luxury Towels

If you invest money in updating your bathroom, you must choose suitable towels to complete the spa experience. Whenever you get out of the bath or shower, you want a big fluffy towel to envelop you and keep you cozy. You want towels that are going to last and are not irritating on your skin. If you’re going to go for the whole spa experience, you could even add a towelled robe to your purchases.

Good Lighting and Greenery

The final touch to a luxurious bathroom is good lighting and greenery. You want your lighting to be interchangeable from bright lights for when you are doing your make-up to a low dimmer for your relaxing bath.

Greenery and plants in your bathroom will make it feel fresh and jungle-like. Bathrooms are the perfect warm and humid environment for plants. Many spas are filled with plants such as ferns that thrive in a bathroom atmosphere. Furthermore, adding greenery to your bathroom space will increase the oxygen in the room, therefore improving the air quality and decor at the same time.