Prepping Your Home and Life for a Dog

Having a dog or getting a puppy is an exciting time in anybody’s life. However, to make sure the whole process goes as smoothly and as easily as possible, it is essential that you prepare your home and your whole life in anticipation for welcoming a new furry addition. The more organized and prepared you are in the run up to welcoming your new addition, the easier those first few weeks and months will be.

Making Your Home Safe and Secure for a New Dog

There are lots of hidden dangers within your home that can cause issues and problems for a dog. From children’s toys that they could chew to the sweet treats lying around, including grapes and chocolate that they could get their paws and teeth into. Removing as many dangerous and hazardous items as possible will ensure that you don’t get surprised with any nasty vet bills. Outside of your home you need to ensure that your dog is kept safe by wearing a sufficient collar and lead. If you have a nervous dog, you will want to look at a halter and slip lead. At all times your dog must have a collar on that contains your contact details, just in case they escape from your home at any point.

Thinking About When You Head Off to Work

You will have to leave the house at some point when you have a dog, whether this be for work or for a day trip. Thinking ahead and planning ahead will ensure that your dog is well cared for in your absence. You cannot leave your dog alone for more than a few hours (ideally 3-4), so if you are planning to be away from the home for longer than this, you need to use a dog boarding service like Exceptional Pets where you can ensure that your dog gets looked after when you are away from your home for long periods of time.

What Diet will Your New Dog Have?

What your dog eats is just as important as what you eat. If you give your dog substandard food then it will affect their moods, their coat quality and the energy levels they have. Try and feed your dog twice a day with a food that contains a high level of protein. Look at the ingredients of wet food and dry food and ensure it contains as few additives as possible, and also look for ash content to ensure that it is not just ash flakes and that there is some goodness in every scoop you are giving.

Where Will Your New Furry Friend Sleep?

You have your own bed sorted, but where will your new dog sleep? Getting a place that is their own as soon as possible will help them settle. So, do you want them on the couch? Are you going to give them a crate with blankets or are you going to get them their own special bed made up? Deciding early on will help you succeed when it comes to toilet training and instilling house rules.