5 Aesthetically Impressive Bathroom Design & Decor Trends In 2022

Redecorating and even redesigning your bathroom completely is an incredibly exciting project in which to undertake, but it can also be somewhat confusing and conflicting when it comes to choosing the main elements to bring the new room together. 

From aesthetic appeal to practicality and functionality, continue reading for the top five aesthetically impressive bathroom design and décor trends in 2022.

1. Stone & Marble Pairings

For many years now, the epitome of style and on-trend home design and décor was the addition of marble in any form of choice.

With the arrival of 2022, marble is still dominating the world of bathroom design, but with a huge difference; now, the iconic and statement material is being paired seamlessly with natural stone. If you have a marble cabinet or white goods unit, consider adding some natural stone elements. 

2. Textured & Layered Lighting

In the minds and plans of interior designers, there is simply no room for minimalist lighting for 2022 and beyond, and instead, the shift in lighting fixtures and fitting has already been made to more demure, tonal, and textured lighting. 

Consider having different shades of white lighting in one room, with crisp white lights in the corners and warmer and orange-toned lighting on the ceilings. Additionally, you can use smaller lamps to light up particular cabinets, cupboards, or even shelving to give the added feeling of depth and texture to the room.

3. Natural Wooden Flooring

One of the most exciting and influential trends in home design for bathrooms in 2022 is that of the replacement of vinyl and tile-based flooring in favor of more natural and wooden alternatives.

Some beautifully presented wooden floorboards from a reputable and prestigious wood flooring Bedfordshire supplier can be aesthetically pleasing on its own or else complimented with a pure white and fluffy bathroom rug. Do some research into how you can incorporate this into your bathroom. 

4. Matte Black Fixtures & Fittings

When it comes to the taps over the sink, the flushing handle on the toilet cistern and even the door handles both on the inside and outside of the bathroom door, there has been a distinct and momentous move in the world of home decor and design to matte black hardware. 

If your bathroom is already painted in white or even cream, the contrast of your new matte black fixtures and fittings will create a truly aesthetically stunning focal point for the bathroom. 

5. Vintage Toilet Roll Holders

Yes. You did read that right—vintage toilet roll holders. 

Perhaps it is because of the inordinate amount of time that the vast majority of people have spent confined to their homes over the past two years due to the rules and restrictions imposed by the worldwide coronavirus pandemic, but this is certainly one bathroom trend that has already taken off already this year. 

Whether a ceramic, hand-painted ornate holder or else a more vivacious and brightly colored one, vintage toilet roll holders are seriously one of the biggest trends in bathroom design for spring and summer 2022.