How To Add Curb Appeal To Your House

First impressions count, which is why it is important to not only take care of the inside of your house, but also the entryway leading up to your home. Here are some great ways to make the most of your entryway and maximise your curb appeal potential.

Light The Way

There’s no doubt that lighting can affect the way a space feels. If you have a garden path leading up to your house, it is important to have it well lit. Choose low-level lighting to illuminate your path so that it provides direction without a distraction. It is also important to have a wall light by the front door. Not only is it practical to help you find your keys at night, but the style and design you choose can also set the whole tone for the rest of your house decor.

Pave The Way

Another sure-fire way to increase your home’s curb appeal is to add some Victorian flooring tiles to your front garden pathway. You can choose a style that suits your property and makes your pathway look smart and sophisticated. You could even continue the tiles into the hallway to really blend the outside and inside. Keep the path clear and well swept to create a nice entrance to your home.


Make sure any hedges and bushes are not overgrown and are well maintained and cut back. This makes things look neater and lets more light into the house. If you have a front lawn, keep this well tended and weed-free.

It’s easy to add some colour to your front garden with easily looked after plants and flowers in pots. Whatever style and feel you are going for, whether it’s a climbing rose tumbling over the front door, or more contemporary palms and ferns in pots, adding some plants to the front of your house will make for a better entryway. Fix some hanging baskets to the wall next to your doo and fill them up with trailing petunias for a splash of summer colour. This will really impress visitors.

Door Furniture

New door furniture is an easy and affordable way of instantly giving your entryway a much-needed update. The door handle is the first thing you touch when entering your home, so a weighty handle gives a great first impression. Seeing the house number clearly and having a door knocker are other important factors when wanting to add curb appeal. An extra-large letter box is also a good idea allowing for small parcels to be delivered with ease. It’s also fairly simple to repaint your front door. Giving it a fresh lick of paint and updating the colour is another great way to improve your entryway.

So, if you are thinking of putting your home on the market, or just want to improve the look of the front of your house for yourself, then there are plenty of ways to do this. Simple lighting, plants, a beautifully tiled pathway and new door furniture are just some of the ways you can accomplish a beautiful front garden and increase your curb appeal.